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Crackers are good. So good. Sometimes, when this group isn't around, I miss them more than my family members.
  1. TJ's multigrain and flaxseed water crackers. My personal holy grail of crackers.
  2. Rice crackers
  3. Stoneground wheat crackers - low sodium
3 more...
  1. The Spy Who Came In From the Cold - John le Carre. I know I'm a few decades late on this one but better late than never. Which is also what Leamas must have said about finally meeting a nice girl before things got ugly.
  2. Scoop - Evelyn Waugh. I know. I'm embarrassed for me too but hey, I was busy. It should be noted, though, that the racism in this book is eye wateringly hideous.
  3. Leo Africanus - Amin Maalouf. It's got everything one could want in a book, including turbans. Loved it.
4 more...
  1. Douglas Adams
  2. P.G. Wodehouse
  3. Terry Pratchett
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