There are 257 days till we Kosovo-1 PCVs depart. Here are the foods I'll be cooking when I'm homesick for Kosovo, my cohort, and the things we've done here.
  1. Flija
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    Took some getting used to, but now I think flija might be my biggest comfort food. Going to have to learn how to make it in an oven, and not over a fire pit, but it's going to be totally worth it.
  2. Pita me qep, pita me spinal, pita me mish, pita me laker...any pita. All pita.
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    Pita me qep has a special place in my heart; Nona used to make it every couple days during pre-service training because she knew that I loved it. Basically spanakopita, but the Albanian version. Eat it with a glass of kos (plain drinkable yogurt) and it's so so good.
  3. Petula!
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    Basically savory donuts that you can eat with homemade jam (Sheri's strawberry preserves are my absolute favorite), feta cheese, ajvar (roasted red pepper spread), moz (a sort of pepper and cream sauce), or literally any other sort of dip. So good. Reminds me of cold winter days with the wood stove burning.
  4. Speca te kuq turshi
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    My host grandma makes the BEST pickled red peppers that are salty and smoky and garlicky and parsley-y. Only Sheri, Non, and I eat them but omg they're so good.
  5. Perpeq
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    This is the gooiest, cheesiest, eggiest thing ever and it is delicious. It's like if you wanted a frittata to be more cheese than egg. It's so good. We literally eat it by digging in with bread and it's so gooey and delicious.
  6. Krelon me duq
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    Picture a super dense egg bread, spread into a big cookie sheet and baked. And right before you finish baking it, you take it out and chop it up with a giant knife so it's not a loaf anymore. Then you serve it with margarine or honey or feta cheese. And then you die from happiness.
  7. Bombice
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    I almost forgot desert! Bombice are the tastiest little Albanian truffle like bites-take some cookies and boil them in water with cocoa and sugar and milk. Then dunk them in coconut flakes. Tastes like fudge. I could literally these for the rest of my life.
  8. Baklava
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    For special occasions, it is a big deal to make baklava. Shelling the walnuts takes a day in itself. But that end result? The actual best thing you've ever tasted. So perfect and balanced and yummy. And every Albanian mom will tell you they have the best recipe. The secret? They all actually do.