Books I've received thanks to and absolutely adored-sign up for the site for free, and start reviewing! Or just go buy these, cause they were fantastic
  1. The Library at Mount Char, Hawkins
    IT WAS SO GOOD. Creepy and clever and funny and also made you question pretty much everything ever. Fantastic.
  2. Slade House, Mitchell
    So crazy creepy that I had to sleep with my light on one night. Fantastically written.
  3. First Bite, Wilson
    I still can't stop telling people what I learned from this book. Super interesting, and I never read nonfiction
  4. Eight Hundred Grapes, Dave
    This book made me super interested in wine making and vineyards and also inspired more than one Google search about "how to buy and run a vineyard in California"
  5. The Coincidence of Coconut Cake, Reichert
    I read this right after I read a whole bunch of chef memoirs. Also inspired many google searches titled "how to become a chef and own a restaurant"
  6. The Tsar of Love and Techno, Marra
    Haven't read a short story cycle this good since The Dew Breaker, and I have the highlights on my kindle to prove it.
  7. My Name is Lucy Barton, Strout
    So sweet and so sad and just lovely. Strout is a beautiful, talented writer and I can't shake the feeling I got from this one.
  8. Everyone Brave is Forgiven, Cleave
    Gut punch of a novel. So many ups and downs, wonderful characters and storylines. Mary cares so much about her students and making sure they know more than just the words on a page, Alistair was so human and wonderful, and Cleave brought WWII London to life. Great great novel.
  9. Luckiest Girl Alive, Knoll
    I read this right when I needed a Chester County PA fix, and it helped that Knoll nailed the authenticity vs. facade bit.
  10. The Life and Death of Sophie Stark, North
    Super clever, but dark. Interesting story and an interesting way of telling it.
  11. The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss, Wirestone
    Laugh out loud funny with nods to all the great nerdy things we do. Good voice, good plotting, hope to see another one on NetGalley soon!