I will never cease to be perplexed by some people's loose interpretation of a brief.
  1. Photos of water and/or coffee, with no food.
    If you consider that brunch, you are doing it wrong, my friend.
  2. Photos with just cereal or toast in them.
    Brunch should be substantial and there should be an abundance of food groups. You are also doing it wrong.
  3. Pizza.
    That's not brunch. I mean, sure, you could order pizza at brunch or any damn time of day, but come on. Same applies to myriad foods featured that could literally be from any time of day. The brief was "Brunch" not "pictures of food". Pfffft.
  4. Yorkshire Pudding, roast meat and veggies with gravy.
    Are you fucking kidding me, that is a Sunday roast. Get out.
  5. Photo of a bowl of walnuts still in their shells
    I love nuts but I still feel really damn sorry for you. Sorry for you, but also mad that you're perpetuating this sad affair as brunch.
  6. Stock style images of single pieces of fruit
    Eg, lime, pineapple. Stop.
  7. Photos of things that aren't food or beverages, or at least people sitting in a beautiful restaurant in bright late morning light, looking fancy and laughing or chatting or whatever...
    What. GO HOME.