1. 'On Beauty' by Zadie Smith
    A truly captivating read. An enchanted tale of a biracial family and those around them in a wealthy college town. Interwoven journeys of self discovery. 10/10
  2. Call The Midwife
    I'm on series 2 episode 7. A really entertaining and fascinating period piece of the late-1950s in London's East End. I love the accents! 10/10
  3. Hillary
    I was feeling the Bern, but I always thought she would make a better president (meaning I liked his ideas more, but I couldn't see it panning out in the US). Obviously, she's not perfect, but I think she's what America needs
  4. Reorganizing
    I did my vanity. It was cathartic
  5. Making lists
    I generally handwrite to-do lists, but I'm also experimenting with writing more on here!! I also have several lists going in my phones notes, including lists of things I need from 3 different grocery stores (wegmans, trader joes, stop and shop)
  6. Not painting
    My dad asked me to repaint my fence, which I did. Which took me a month. But I just finished!! Now I get to spend my time making lists😉