Inspired by @joemurphy
  1. Finding excuses to stay up late
  2. Finding excuses to wake up late
  3. Eating when I'm bored
  4. Giving you unsolicited advice
  5. Tearing apart your resume
    You will be prepared for an interview, I promise!
  6. Following the rules
  7. Starting creative pursuits, but never fully developing them
  8. Organizing documents into folders
  9. Informing you about today's celebrity news highlights
  10. Quoting @mindy
  11. Articulating my passions
  12. Not giving into peer pressure
  13. Educating you on trends and youth slang
    I'm on social media all the time.
  14. Reliving fandoms
  15. Public speaking
    HAH. Just kidding. Basically everyone sucks at this.