4 Ships I Have Sailed

Inspired by @nantea. In chronological order, my most beloved ships. I clearly love the "opposites attract" trope.
  1. Lucy/Ricky, I Love Lucy
    PERFECTION. They're such a crazy, but adorable couple. They love each other through all the insecurities, struggles, anger, and schemes.
  2. Sonny/Chad, Sonny with a Chance
    Looking back, Disney Channel went way too crazy with the on-and-off couples for drama on multiple shows, this being one of them. I used to love these two though.
  3. Aditya/Geet, Jab We Met
    Aditya's character was so selfless in his love. I appreciate that even more now than I did when this first came out. The other thing I really love is that both characters learned so much from and grew because of each other. If only more romcoms showed that kind of development.
  4. Danny/Mindy, The Mindy Project
    The most painful one. I rewatched "Danny and Mindy", one of my favorite episodes, and realized I can't watch it anymore without seeing the foreshadowing of their break-up. I was so invested in this, the idea that a couple can be interesting even after getting together. At a high level, they're a lot like my parents, which is why I think this ship was so close to my heart.