New show coming out...maybe in the fall?
  1. She's now a 30-year-old NYPD detective.
  2. Wait, WHAT?
    Yes, I used Harry as click bait, but also because I really needed a confused face.
    She does not answer to some jerk boss who doesn't believe in her or have "partners" that she was assigned. That's what made her unique; she only had to answer to herself.
  4. Why is she in New York? RIVER HEIGHTS IS ICONIC.
    Can you set a show in some place other than goddamn New York City or L.A.?! But anyway, that's a pet peeve of mine for another day...
  5. What's going to happen to her blue Mustang?
    She gonna go on the slowest car chases in the world around New York?
  6. Also, they're calling the show "Drew".
    This is just stupid.
  7. So now, we have yet ANOTHER generic NYC cop drama show.
    We'll know the characters, but that is literally all they're taking from the books.
  8. I refuse to call this Nancy Drew. It has nothing to do with the original.
    BYE, CBS. ✋🏽