I may have cheated on one or two of these that are not in Midtown, but they're so worth it!
  1. Amelie's
    Recommended: Sit down and enjoy the French decor with whatever bites of food you like.
  2. Chai Paani
    This is in Decatur, but I'll make an exception because the food is so good. The menu is all Indian street food, which is not your typical chicken tikka masala fare. A must-try!
  3. Cafe Intermezzo
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    Recommended: Any cheesecake but Oreo (Experiment! Try something new! How about the B52?)
  4. Einstein's
    Inexpensive, but delicious brunch.
  5. Empire State South
    Weird food you wouldn't expect to love, but you just have to appreciate the craft of cooking and creativity of each dish.
  6. Escorpion
    Fabulous selection of Mexican food. I love the shrimp enchiladas!
  7. Highland Bakery
    Recommended: Fried Chicken Benedict
  8. Jeni's Ice Cream
    This place comes up with such interesting flavors. No flavor has only one note. Another must in Midtown!
  9. Krog Street Market
    Low key place to try some really high quality food.
  10. Lure
    One of the few good seafood places around.
  11. Mary Mac's Tea Room
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    An absolute Atlanta classic and must-visit. Prepare for a long wait, but don't worry because they will stuff you full of Southern food for a lower price!
  12. Miller Union
    Recommended: Unique flavored ice cream sandwiches
  13. Ponce City Market
    Take an old, dilapidated building, give it an "industrial" look, and stick a bunch of stores and unique restaurants in it. Personal favorite is Honeysuckle Gelato.
  14. South City Kitchen
    Recommended: Chicken and Waffles
  15. The Nook
    Recommended: Totchos (Tater tot nachos)
  16. The Sundial
    Recommended: Eat whatever. Go for the fact that this is a spinning restaurant in downtown Atlanta!