1. What "personal finance" means
    ...I was a business major, too.
  2. How to clear up my skin
    I accept my eyebrow pimples now.
  3. How to decorate a home for long-term living
    When you move at least once a year and you're out of state, you minimize what you own.
  4. How to stop myself from becoming a work-horse
    People that tell you millennials are lazy are LYING. The majority of my friends either have 9-to-5 jobs or work 60+ hours a week.
  5. How to buy healthy groceries for one
    Without wasting, that is
  6. How to have a complete and fashionable, but affordable wardrobe
    I basically spent the last year in business casual dresses from JCPenney. ✌🏽️
  7. What weed smells like
    Apparently, my nostrils aren't very sensitive because people have said to me, "It smells like weed," and I had no clue.
  8. How to invest in stocks
    Where do I even do this?
  9. What the appropriate amount of money to spend on gifts is
    How do I refrain from going bankrupt when gift-giving season comes around? Professional network + Close friends = 💸
  10. What it takes to be ready for marriage
    I have friends who are married or getting married soon. HOW? 😩
  11. How to pay bills
    Is autopay...like okay? I feel like it's too simple for everyone to be complaining about the bill paying process.
  12. Why there's so much geometry on the GMAT
    Guys, I took Geometry in 8th grade. I've been to undergrad business school. I forget Geometry because it hasn't been relevant to me for YEARS!
  13. How to not procrastinate
  14. Why Tom Cruise tanked his career
    I have been catching up on 90s Tom Cruise movies I somehow never watched, and man, dude, you could have been a legend.