1. I have two weeks off from work during the holidays. It felt like a huge waste to just spend it sitting in Maryland at home.
  2. So today, I bought a ticket to go to India! 😱
    I'll be in Kolkata for a week, which is not very long, but it's something!
  3. I haven't seen my grandmother or been to the country in almost 9 years.
    Kind of crazy honestly, but it was either summer (it's ungodly hot there) or my family was going through too much for me to just pack up and go.
  4. Knock on wood, my family is doing okay right now, so I'm going to take advantage of the calm and go hang out with my grandma.
  5. Today, on Thanksgiving, I'm so grateful that my parents encouraged me to place the importance of the experience over the ridiculous cost.
    Everyone goes there in December, so tickets are REALLY expensive. However, I keep telling myself I don't want to later regret not going to visit my grandmother.
  7. On the other hand, I have to prepare my mental state.
    I have to be dressed in full imaginary armor.
  8. Why?
    Because people are judgmental as SHIT. Some of the mantras I have prepared to deal with extended family and friends are listed below.
  9. I am a BOSS. I love my job. No, I don't need to get the job you think I should have.
  10. I JUST GRADUATED. I do not need a Master's degree yet and am not even thinking about it.
  11. I am SINGLE. I do not want to look for a husband now, and I'm better than most boyfriend prospects that have come my way, so...
  12. Yes, I am FAT. Thanks for noticing. I do work out and eat healthy, maybe just not enough to lose the weight. I know, isn't it terrible that my curves make me look like this?
  13. I don't dress in designer brands. I don't know what money you think I can pull out of my ass, but no, I don't need Michael Kors and Louboutins to feel good about how I look.
    Giphy downsized medium
  14. No, I don't drink. You're not cool just because you drink, and you're not somehow more "western" or "American" than me for doing so. If you have more questions, let me reference you to my Facebook post about my thoughts on not drinking that got over 200 likes, so we can end this conversation here.
  15. I don't eat beef or pork. Again, you're not more American than me if you do. I have many friends of various ethnicities that have unique dietary restrictions, and it's not that hard to follow them...
  16. Yeah, my mother doesn't fit the mould you want her to nor does she suck up to you. She's the best damn mother I could ever hope for, so I don't care for your opinion on her.
  17. Lastly, do not bring your ignorant opinions about mental health, marriage, feminism, or other issues in front of me. I won't hold back even if you're family.
    I've got nothing to lose.
  18. Giphy