Is it too conceited to...

  1. Make your phone background a picture of yourself?
    Like just yourself. No one else in the picture.
  2. Quote yourself?
    I reflect my own thoughts perfectly sometimes. For extended periods of times, too. Currently, my quotable quote is, "I am single because I don't have the emotional capacity to give a shit about anyone but myself right now."
  3. Make a calendar full of pictures of yourself?
    Some with friends and family, sure. But you're in every last picture.
  4. Believe you deserve to be famous because you'd be great at interviews with the press?
    I was legitimately hilarious at the high school program conference I spoke at, guys. The panel was comprised of science competition winners (myself, included), and I was the star...admittedly because everyone else was horribly boring, BUT STILL.
  5. Be your own role model?
    Mindy Lahiri says no.