Since I live in the world of entertainment in my head, I have a playlist of montage music on my phone for whenever I'm feeling dramatic. So, here are the songs and what I'm either doing or picturing while listening to them.
  1. Cloud 9 - Dove Cameron & Luke Benward
    Taking a long walk on a beautiful, sunny day. Good pump up song for heading to class.
  2. Midnight City - M83
    Taking a walk at night through the city...yeah, this one is quite literal.
  3. Young Blood - The Naked and the Famous
    Flashback of my childhood.
  4. I'll Be - Edwin McCain
    My future wedding.
  5. Drive - The Cars
    Taking slow breaths and letting a song take over my conscious self.
  6. Half Life - Duncan Sheik
    Dramatically staring out the window of a train/bus/plane and pretending I'm on my way to making a major change in my life.
  7. Good Life - Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen
    Reminding myself of the fun and crazy moments in college.
  8. Gold Forever - The Wanted
    Crying about the friends and memories I've made in college. Preliminary nostalgia.
  9. We Own the Night - The Wanted
    Remembering all those nights staying up until 7 AM talking with my friends.
  10. Good Life - Leslie Mills
    For my introductory sequence as the protagonist of a romcom.
  11. Heart Vacancy - The Wanted
    When the guy dedicates a song to me inside a coffee shop because I'm playing hard to get.
  12. Words - Doves
    The end scene when I'm walking alone, satisfied with who I am and what decisions I've made. You see an unrecognizable calmness in my face.
  13. Tell Her You Love Her - Echosmith
    Complaining about unrequited or unexpressed love.
  14. Honeymoon Avenue - Ariana Grande
    Crying about my not-ex.
  15. Hurricane - Bridgit Mendler
    Immediately follows Honeymoon Avenue. Using to remind myself that I'm a badass bitch.
  16. Sick In Her Skin - The Get Up Kids
    I'm cool and listen to music you haven't heard of. Yup.