1. I bump into a Bollywood power couple at Target.
    I completely fangirl when I see them, and they smile and laugh awkwardly, eager to get out of sight. Lols, they would never go to Target.
  2. Zayn Malik is my roommate along with two girls (who were apparently my very good friends).
    He was very quiet, and I was the only person in the apartment willing to joke around with him as he politely chuckled. By the way, our apartment was, like, not cool at all. Super beige and plain with very little furniture. Why are Zayn and I roommates again here?
  3. Mindy Kaling and I are best buds.
    Pretty sure most List Appers dream of this, but in my particular instance, we were on our way driving somewhere, and I said this really hilarious joke that I wanted her to tweet. She gave me her phone and told me to tweet it for her. Still in a dilemma as to what I want to do: tweet the joke or take over her entire Twitter.