Inspired by @mandi, @RachelP, and @eijafayaya
  1. TV Series (Streaming): The Mindy Project
    I love that they didn't change the tone of the show and only bumped up the risqué level a little bit. It still feels like what I was watching, just better, more intense. The way they handled the pregnancy, how Danny and Mindy came to understand each other's viewpoints on marriage, and of course, that career/family struggle, fantastic! I'm still hoping for Danny to come around and for him and Mindy to be together. OTP. ❤️
  2. TV Series (Watched Weekly): How to Get Away with Murder
    Hooked from the start. It was crazy and captivating, and I was screaming "WHAT?!" at the end of every episode. Also, VIOLA DAVIS. 😍 Second season hasn't been AS good as the first, but that's okay because Scandal's fifth season has been better than its fourth, so it balances out.
  3. TV Series (That Changed My Life): The Newsroom
    I'm late, but I don't care. Holy shit. The acting, the dialogue, the stories, everything was on point. HOW DID THIS NOT WIN MORE EMMYS? Good lord, am I in love with this show! I have now gone from 21 to 65 and watch the news. 😳
  4. Sketch: "Thanksgiving" by SNL
    Too funny and relatable.
  5. Late Night: EVERYONE.
    This is a wonderful time in late night TV. Fallon is still funny and innovative, Seth has done a great job with political discussions, Colbert is bringing guests no one else does, Trevor Noah has filled in some very big shoes, Corden is hilarious and youthful, and Chris Hardwick has such a unique format to his show.
  6. Movie: Spotlight
    Oh my goodness. Brilliant. Subtle. Honest. Yes, journalists spend hours sorting data on spreadsheets. No, they don't dress like runway models. This movie put telling a true story first. I am rooting for this wholeheartedly during awards season!
  7. Book: Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling
    Deeper and more grown up than the last book. A great mix of personal stories and imaginative short pieces.
  8. Song: Worth It by Fifth Harmony
    My JAM this year. My daily alarm because it makes me want to get up.
  9. Album: Confident by Demi Lovato
    I didn't expect too much, since she's gone a very pop-heavy route, but I was pleasantly surprised, especially by beautiful ballads like Stone Cold. Demi, slow songs sell, too! Make Stone Cold a single, and show the world your talent!
  10. Tech: iPhone 6
    All of a sudden, I use my laptop 85% less than I used to. 😳
  11. App: The List App
    How could it be anything else? 😜 My pre-sleep thoughts are now all in list form.
  12. Game: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
    Guys, my adopted child is adorable, and I owe it to her to take care of her and become super successful.