1. Ria
    My real name is Anuradha, which is just way too damn long. How did my parents get Ria? My mom's college friend literally said, "She can't go through life with that name! Call her Ria!" So they did.
  2. Guri
    By my mom. Means "doll".
  3. Anu
    Only my best friend, Namrata, is allowed to call me this. It sounds too grandma-ish.
  4. Mona
    Pronounced maw-na, not mo-na. By my grandma.
  5. Reetz
    When my friend, Niti, and I pretended we were going to be pop stars going by the duo name, "Reetz and Neetz".
  6. Babi
    Another one by my mom. Means nothing.
  7. Rye-Ahh
    In middle school, when my friends wanted to over pronounce all of our names.
  8. Mamma
    Both my parents call me mom.