1. I went to a new gynecologist a while back.
    We chatted about the usual, everything is fine. Then...
  2. "Are you sexually active?"
  3. "Have you ever been sexually active?"
    No. (She's shocked. I must have looked HOT that day. 👀)
  4. "Is there any chance you will become sexually active in the near future?"
    No, I am not interested in pursuing anything right now. No prospects. Nah.
  5. Later on...
  6. "What do you use during your menstrual cycle?"
  7. "You know, I really think you should start using tampons in order to prepare for sexual intercourse."
    😳 Um, I'm okay right now? I legit burst out laughing at this.
  8. Like everything we talked about went back to sex...which is literally a non-issue in my life!
  9. My takeaway from all this?
    I must be damn hot because my gynecologist is shocked I'm a virgin and hellbent on preparing me not to be one. 😜