I don't believe in waiting around for people. If I want to do something, I'm gonna go freaking do it. 😎 I'd miss out on too many opportunities otherwise.
  1. Going to the movies 🎬
    You DON'T want to see Saving Mr. Banks, a movie that will undoubtedly have fantastic performances and a feel-good ending? Fine, I'll go by myself!
  2. Going to a concert 🎤
    Oh, no one else wants to jam out to Nick Jonas with me? Well, Imma go drool over him myself. 😍😍😍 I give 0 shits if anyone is with me at concerts or not, especially because 90% of the time, I go see people I absolutely ADORE. I'm almost ALWAYS alone at concerts.
  3. Going out to eat 🍽
    Something you get used to in consulting, sigh. I get treated well by nice wait staff and can relax by myself. Doesn't sound too shabby, although this one can still feel more awkward than the others because people are more likely to notice.
  4. Going on vacation 🌃
    My parents thought I was nuts for doing this. Honestly, my friends are flakes, and if I planned a vacation with them, there's only a 5% chance it would actually happen. My parents have really weak knees and can't walk for too long, so we don't vacation much. LASTLY, I have interests that do not intersect with most of my potential vacation buddies. I'm not waiting for anybody to take me places I want to go!
  5. Driving
    Especially on longer trips- I get to pick the songs and podcasts and no one criticizes my driving! I don't have to stop unless I need to pee!
    Suggested by @kate81
  6. Going on theme park rides.
    Single rider lane?? Hell yeah, I will jump to the front of that roller coaster to get my thrill faster.
    Suggested by @aminam
  7. Shopping!!
    Suggested by @shanaz
  8. Working out.
    I don't need a workout buddy. I usually look horrendous anyways , better not to interact with people.
    Suggested by @NaziaN