1. I just can't.
  2. They have an issue with Lucy Liu being one of Charlie's Angels????
  3. And then say white people need affirmative action because they only make up 12% of the word population? 😵
  4. Look, we don't need every movie to have 5% Caucasian and 95% minority actors. I have nothing against white actors or directors or entertainers at all!
  5. The reason people want POC actors to play POC characters is because if that opportunity is taken away from them, they don't have many other ones left! They're not getting roles that could technically be ethnically ambiguous, so POC audiences just want them to have SOMETHING to count on.
  6. If they're not playing characters of their own race, who can they play?
  7. There's a key difference here between white actors taking on POC roles and POC taking on white roles.
  8. Opportunity.