One way to move forward with the healing process: Walk for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
  1. Suicide prevention and mental health awareness is something I really care about.
    I have shared my family's close call with my brother's attempted suicide on this app before. Suicide attempts and suicides can truly shake up people's lives. We've seen that today with the unfortunate passing of biz, someone loved so much. 😔
  2. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention holds an annual Out of the Darkness Walk.
    I am walking this year for the first time and hope to continue this practice for a long time.
  3. I am not doing this for a T-shirt. I am doing this because this is a huge problem that, in many cases, can be prevented.
    I've seen how treatment or luck or God's will or whatever force you attribute it to led to my brother's failed attempts. I am so grateful they didn't work out because he's here with us today, funny, sweet, and hardworking as ever (knockonwood). Prevention is a worthy goal.
  4. I want people to not shy away from the conversation.
    If someone says they're not okay, I want people to know how to react and what to do next. Asking "how are you?" is only the first step.
  5. I want people to know how to support those dealing with mental health issues and that person's family and friends, too.
    The entire support system needs healthy conversation and help just like the person struggling, albeit in different ways.
  6. If you feel like donating even $1 towards the cause, please feel free to here. Every bit counts.
  7. However, if you do not want to or cannot contribute, that is totally okay. I am so appreciative of you for reading this list. 😊❤️
    All I ask is that you please take the few minutes it takes to explore to get educated on the topic. I want today to be a day of action as much as it is a day of mourning and community.
  8. There are many ways to get involved with AFSP and other mental health organizations that do not involve monetary contributions.
    You can even look for walks near you at and register to participate! If you're in Atlanta and want to join me, let me know. We will walk in @biz's honor together.
  9. I will end this simply by saying...
    I am with you, @biz. I hope your soul found the peace it was seeking.