1. When the 8 year old girl sneakily got her ears pierced without her parents knowing
    Indian girls get their ears pierced when they're 3 months old. I was late at 11 months. Never understood why this was a big deal.
  2. When the kids stayed at grandma's house
    I'd have to take a flight halfway across the world to see the one grandparent who lived to see me born, so...
  3. When parents went out for date night
    I convinced my parents to do this for their anniversary once when my grandma was visiting and could watch me and my brother. They came back and said, "Never again." We're all about that family unit.
  4. When you saw the parents kiss
    I have literally never seen my parents kiss each other.
  5. When kids got grounded
    My punishment was disappointing my parents and having my mom yell at me. Good enough to make me feel like I never wanted to experience that again. Grounding didn't exist in most of my Asian friends' homes.
  6. When the kids wanted to drive, but the parents wouldn't let them
    Complete opposite in my house. I didn't want my parents to pay for my insurance as a 16 year old (but never told them that), so they kept bugging me to get my license. Finally did at 19.
  7. When someone called for "a family meeting"
    What are these? Why must we schedule talking? Let the crazy yelling begin!
  8. When kids dated in middle school
    HAH! Allowed to date in college.