Inspired by @daniellenuss
  1. I Love Lucy
    Classic. I learned so much simply by watching. THIS is how you do a family sitcom. I get irritated and rant like a hipster when I see modern sitcoms copying gags used in I Love Lucy. Ex. Ross may have come up with "PIVOT!", but moving a TV down the stairs was done on this show first.
  2. There's Company
    It's why I'm so comfortable with sex jokes, but not sex scenes. "It's a sex comedy where nobody has sex!" is probably the truest statement I've ever heard about this show.
  3. Barney
    My favorite as a child. I would apparently wake up from naps if the theme song started playing.
  4. Arthur
    You were literally more likely to catch my mom watching this alone than me or my brother. Favorite childhood show without a doubt (oh, I should do a list about that!).
  5. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
    Season one was great. Went downhill from there.
  6. The Cosby Show
    Simple, fun family show.
  7. Married...with Children
    I watched this as a 3 year old with my parents at 11:00 PM every night and laughed out loud even though I understood nothing. Now that I'm old enough to understand it, I'm like "I CANNOT WATCH THIS SHOW!"
  8. Seinfeld
    Don't kill me, but I always hated this one. I liked it in parts, but never really felt like actually watching an episode because the characters annoyed me too much.
  9. Are You Being Served?
    BBC show that used to air on PBS. The characters are a mess, but it's basically a workplace comedy at a department store. Oh, the shenanigans.
  10. Keeping Up Appearances
    So wonderfully British. Hyacinth is probably the most annoying character, but at least she got stuck with the last name of Bucket and a loser brother-in-law!
  11. The Price Is Right
    Daytime TV at its finest for stay-at-home moms who had the prices memorized from being at the supermarket too long.
  12. Whose Line Is It Anyway?
    Uniquely brilliant. Nothing beats the power four - Drew, Wayne, Ryan, and Colin. So glad the show is back!
  13. Diagnosis Murder
    Dick Van Dyke in one of my favorite genres of television - the PG murder mystery show. The characters were fantastic! It delivers exactly what it promises - a good whodunnit with a medical focus.
  14. Matlock
    Another PG murder mystery show. Could binge watch this for hours.