1. Read fluffy fan fiction to get in a positive mood.
    Nothing sad or too long. One-shots are preferable.
  2. Drink some water, and put Aquaphor on my lips.
    It's a routine at this point.
  3. Toss and turn.
  4. Change the number of blankets and comforters on top of me.
    I'm always cold, so there's usually at least one, often three.
  5. Count jumps.
    I mentally jump rope and count how many jumps I did. I think this makes me feel like I worked out, even though there's a 95% chance I didn't.
  6. Repeat the chorus of a catchy song in my head a million times.
    I don't know if I do this consciously or subconsciously.
  7. Toss and turn.
  8. Think up an elaborate story.
    It starts out as something I want to write about and ends up something that's not worth even repeating.
  9. Change the temperature of the room.
    Via thermostat or fan.
  10. Feel intensely nervous or guilty about something that happened years ago.
    This either 1) is not relevant anymore or 2) has already been resolved.
  11. Mentally tell myself that nothing matters, and I should sleep.
    Basically, a mental pep talk about sleep. 😒
  12. Toss and turn.