1. As you guys may know, Indian weddings are a multiple-day, extravagant affair.
  2. I went to my cousin*'s wedding that took place Labor Day weekend and this weekend.
    Third cousin, actually, on my dad's side. So, he literally is my cousins' cousins' cousin. 😳 I'm closer to him than my first cousins because he lived in the US, while they all live in India.
  3. I am doing some major outfit changes, so here's a chronicle of every outfit I wore for this two-weekend wedding.
  4. 1a. Mehendi/Sangeet
  5. 1b. Mehendi/Sangeet
  6. 2. Hanging Out
  7. 3. Wedding
  8. 4. Reception #1
  9. 5a. Reception #2
  10. 5b. Reception #2