1. I've been on break for two weeks now.
  2. I haven't left the house for over a week.
  3. I get fresh air when the balcony door is open.
    I live in Florida, so the weather is still incredible.
  4. I wear an oversize T-shirt and gym shorts every single day despite not getting any actual exercise.
  5. I migrate only between the couch and the bed.
  6. My mom has cooked every meal and washed all the dishes. I have helped minimally.
    Yay for moms!
  7. My family and I have decided to binge watch the fabulous 80s murder mystery series, Columbo.
  8. I play Hollywood role playing games a LOT.
    Did you see Katy Perry just came out with one?! SPOILER ALERT: It's not as good as Kim Kardashian Hollywood.
  9. I have made probably 15 lists and have another 15 in the drafts folder.
  10. We made brownies at 2 AM last night.
  11. I have two and a half more weeks of this.
  12. I love winter break.