I've lived in Maryland all my life and went to college in Atlanta. Only (timely) way home was by plane.
  1. Really bad cooking will satisfy you way more than it did when you were younger.
    It was easy to be critical of bad food when you didn't cook it. Now, you have to eat whatever you messed up.
  2. Phone calls home are a wonderful way to keep yourself busy while walking to class. 📞
    Kill two birds with one stone!
  3. If you didn't know how to do laundry before, you're gonna find out now.
    Same goes for a lot of other life skills, like random cleaning surprises. WikiHow will be a great resource in your time of need.
  4. Houses are amazing. 🏠
    You will never appreciate the space provided by a house more than after you live in a cramped dorm room on top of your roommate.
  5. The stretches of time you can spend living with your family reduce dramatically.
    You're independent when you're living far away from home. You also don't have to think about 3, 4, 5 other people. It can be strange to try and readjust during breaks.
  6. You're gonna really hate it when in-state students complain about things that they can easily solve but you can't. 🙄
    Ex. When your friends travel home to grab their winter coat because it got cold faster than expected, and you have to make do with a light cardigan that does NOTHING.
  7. However, hospitable, in-state friends are lovely. 😁
    If you can't go home over a break, it's really nice to be able to stay with a friend so you're not completely alone. Sleepover time!
  8. Family emergencies can be crazy. 😰
    Thank God for good friends who can keep you sane while you're literally just waiting for the next flight out to open up. You never know what's going to happen, so do your best to have some money set aside at any given time to travel home.
  9. When you have no back up plans because your parents can't save you, you become a really good problem solver. 🤔
    There's no easy way out. You take long, convoluted, frustrating paths sometimes, but it usually works out in the end.
  10. Your worldview may change.
    Going from north to south, east to west, whatever it may be, you're not in your comfort zone anymore. It's time to learn that the world is bigger than the zip code you grew up in.
  11. You will start to appreciate a lot of things you took for granted.
    Whether that's your parents, your neighborhood, even your favorite ice cream store.
  12. You may become an entirely new, independent person.
    I am so glad I took the plunge to leave home and experience somewhere new by myself. I feel like I can start my own life in any other major city and be okay.