1. Outfits
    The intricacies of each gold decoration on a woman's sari, the choice of sari color, every thread tells you something different about the person praying next to you. Fun Fact: Each sari design originates from a particular region. People even tie saris differently based on where they're from!
  2. Volunteers
    I love seeing people who willingly give up their weekends to support the temple.
  3. Food
    Temple food is always the best Indian food you'll have. We say it's because the food was made in the name of God. Fun Fact: The food is always vegetarian.
  4. Offerings (Prasad)
    You present food or flowers to God for the prayer. Once it's over, it is said that the items have been blessed by God for you to enjoy. Fun Fact: You are not allowed to say no to prasad as that is hugely insulting.
  5. Architecture
    The outside of Hindu temples aren't plain. There are figurines EVERYWHERE, all along the building. It is an astounding sight. Fun Fact: The one pictured here is the Hindu temple I visit with my parents in Orlando.
  6. Statues
    Intricate, colorful, larger than life. I always take a moment to admire the handiwork that went into designing and constructing them. Fun Fact: Hinduism has many forms of God. As such, we have many statues in each temple. Some temples focus more on particular Gods or on Gods important to a region.
  7. Process
    When I walk into a temple, I start from the right of the entrance and make my way around to stand in front of and pray to every God. Fun Fact: There is no set prayer at the individual level, so this can take as much or as little time as you want.
  8. Serenity
    Especially when no one else is in the temple, there's a sweeping sense of calmness the second you walk in the door. This is your place and your place alone. God is here for you.