Inspired by @dad3
  1. First concert?
    One of those radio concerts in NYC that had a bunch of artists perform. I saw Jay Sean, Mike Posner, Jeremih, Flo Rida, and T-Pain. Yeah, not exactly where you'd picture me...
  2. Stripes or solids?
    Stripes. I don't love them, but I generally prefer patterns to solids because solids are boring.
  3. Who would star as you in a movie about you?
    Nobody. The actress who resembles my vibe/look most closely (even considering Bollywood) is Mindy, but even that's a stretch.
  4. Where do you go when fast food is in order?
  5. Favorite chip?
    Lay's Barbecue. Goes amazingly well with Indian food.
  6. What animal best defines you?
    Uh, I don't know.
  7. Your DQ order?
    Royal Oreo Blizzard Treat. Ben & Jerry's is legend for starting this "core" trend.
  8. Worst injury ever sustained?
    Tripped and ripped skin on my foot. That's the most recent one I remember...
  9. Favorite pastime?
    Watching TV
  10. If you were a color, what would it be?
  11. Apple or other?
    Only for phones. I refuse to use Macs.
  12. Morning or night?
    Night always. My whole family is basically nocturnal. I've woken up early in the morning on free days before, and it's boring as hell and sucks.
  13. Your go to song?
    Tum Se Hi from Jab We Met
  14. Most recent book you read and would recommend?
    I hardly ever read. The last book I read was Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling, and I'd definitely recommend that to women around my age.
  15. I couldn't live without this flavor?
  16. Number of times you participated in TPing someone's house?
    0. It's juvenile, and I will judge you hard for doing something as stupid as this.
  17. If you could have one thing you don't have today (not money), what would it be?
  18. Gotta get away, where you going?
    Home. Indian food made by my mother, late night TV watching with my family, sleeping in until two in the afternoon, and 0 chores because chores aren't a thing in Indian households. 🙌🏽
  19. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be, mentally speaking?
    I'm very judgmental. (Read #16).
  20. Something about you that has yet to be shared?
    I buy a T-shirt from every concert I go to. It's an expensive habit.