If I refer to my weirdness as "quirky", it makes me sound cute, right?
  1. I can't wear long sleeve shirts to sleep.
  2. I rarely eat my first meal of the day without showering beforehand.
  3. No giving in threes or we'll become enemies.
  4. I get major allergies every time it rains. Dry mouth, sneezing, runny nose...
  5. If you ask me for water, I believe I must give it to you in order not to turn into a crow in my next life. Rebirth, am I right, fellow Hindus?
  6. I wash my hands approximately 20 times a day.
  7. I have obsessively bit my nails since I was 3.
  8. I have a special place in my heart for country music, even though I only listen to the same three country songs over and over again.
  9. My favorite music genre is teen pop. Like y'all, modern boy bands are where it's at - The Wanted, JoBros, 1D, BTR?!
  10. I nap exclusively with the lights on or blinds open.
  11. I'm like a broken record who keeps talking about the same thing over and over again.
  12. I spend an unreal amount of money on groceries for someone buying food only for themselves.
  13. I can sleep until 5 PM. In fact, that's what I did today.