Inspired by @ListPrompts. I'm so happy and excited to do this one.
  1. God is the most important force in my life.
    Hindus believe God is one entity that takes a variety of forms, so I will refer to God as one.
  2. God gives me strength.
    My mom admires people who don't believe in God because she believes she is too weak to make it through without faith in a higher power. It's an interesting perspective.
  3. God makes me emotional.
    I went to the temple last Friday with my parents and nearly cried as I went and paid my respects to all the deities. The power in that room was overwhelming.
  4. God makes me feel gratitude.
    I thank God and my parents for everything, from food to concert tickets to achievements.
  5. God connects me to others.
    Two of my best friends are devout Christians and one is a devout Muslim. I am so happy to have found people to discuss religion and God with, albeit in different ways. I learn from them, and they learn from me. Most importantly, we pray for each other.
  6. God means peace.
    I utter his name and feel a calmness take over my body.
  7. God is everything to me.