I technically graduated from Georgia Tech this past Saturday. Yay! However, I did not walk. Reasons why.
  1. When my brother was suicidal, he said he didn't know if he'd make it to his high school graduation. Spoiler Alert: He did. 😁
    Now, to me, graduation isn't just about finishing one stage of school and moving on to the next part of life. It's about going through hell to walk on that stage. I'm blessed that I didn't have to go through hell, but I also can't demean his struggle by walking when I breezed through college.
  2. I hated my high school graduation.
    I was in senior class SGA, sat up on stage the whole time, and got special seating for my parents. Still hated it. Speeches sucked, too. I liked the smaller graduation ceremony I helped plan for the program I was in. Felt more personal, and the speeches were awesome.
  3. My best friends graduated early.
    So I didn't really feel a cohesive "we did it!" or nostalgic atmosphere at school during my last semester. I also would have legit no one to do cutesy pictures with. 😩
  4. I didn't want to waste the money.
    My high school regalia is still sitting in my closet. Can I like...donate it? Don't want to have a second set lying around.
  5. I don't really care about it.
    I really don't.
  6. But all's well that ends well.
    With the leadership roles I've taken on campus, our President knows me pretty well. When he heard from the President of the Alumni Association (who I work under) that I wasn't walking, he immediately yelled out, "Somebody grab her a mortar board! We're taking your graduation picture today!" So much better and more personal. 🤗❤️