1. I was never interested in makeup. At all.
    Never that annoying daughter in family sitcoms BEGGING her father to let her wear makeup at 12. Nope. Didn't give a shit. My mom hardly wore makeup. My friends didn't. No sisters. So no reason to pay attention to it.
  2. I didn't get comfortable in my skin and body until college.
    I took a lot of pride in dressing up everyday, but I didn't need makeup (other than kajal/kohl occasionally) to feel good.
  3. I start my first full-time job in September, and I'm entering the big, bad world of business.
    Appearances matter. I don't need to have an hour-long routine for my face everyday, but my eyes can't look as dead as they normally do, etc.
  4. I'm still restricting myself to just eye and lip makeup.
    My family has always had terrible facial skin thanks to puberty wreaking havoc on us via acne, and I don't want to agitate it any further. I'd prefer to just let my skin breathe.
  5. So, I bought eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, the basics.
    It was fun! I like taking notice of these products in real life and feeling good after trying something new on myself.
  6. However, I have never been more conscious of my face.
    I have been extremely conscious of my body since I gained weight at age 12. I used to be so conscious of my face due to acne during puberty, but that went away when I turned 19. I thought there was no way I could pay more attention to my face than I did during puberty, staring at the mirror for twenty minutes wondering why my forehead was cluttered with pimples when everyone else complained about their one.
  7. I was wrong.
    My eyes are even tinier than I thought! The shape of my face makes me look fatter! Why are my lips so scrunched up together?
  8. Like Jesus, woman, calm down. You've always liked how you looked. Who cares?
    These products make me hone in on things I never thought about. To make sure I don't screw up my self-esteem, I have to remind myself I have found myself pretty enough for years before this addition to my life.
  9. All I can say is thank God I waited to wear makeup.
    22-year-old Ria who is somewhat comfortable with being overweight and having bigger thighs can handle the scrutiny of her own face. 15-year-old Ria still trying to figure out her body image could not.