I do not intend to invalidate the criticisms I've seen. I am simply commenting on some of the more common ones.
  1. I understand complaints about Beyoncé playing a Bollywood actress. Her traditional Indian dance gestures were very forced, and her outfit, not accurate at all. She looked beautiful, but I didn't get it.
  2. Note: In my opinion, wearing bindis, bangles, or other Indian attire is not cultural appropriation so long as it is done with respect and acknowledgement of its origins.
  3. Singing lines about being drunk and high didn't really suit the video to me. Another song may have been more appropriate for this picturization.
  4. Color Runs as a whole appropriate Holi. Let's not only call out Coldplay for this. 😒
  5. On the other hand...
  6. It is not cultural appropriation to film a music video in another country.
  7. The video prominently featured people you would see in India - little kids dressed up as religious figures for plays, a Bollywood actress, people in the slums, etc.
  8. People are yelling at them to go beyond the stereotypes of India.
  9. However, if the film was entirely shot in the glamorous parts of India and featured only beautiful Indian models, YOU WOULD STILL BE COMPLAINING.
  10. Let's call out racism and cultural appropriation when it exists.
  11. Let's not scare away people from learning about and appreciating our culture.
  12. Let's not be ashamed that India is a beautiful amalgamation of glamour and poverty, dark skin and light skin, movie theaters and dancing in the streets, palaces and slums.