These have not made it on to paper...yet. Will they ever? Includes short stories, blog posts, TV shows, movies, novels, etc.
  1. "College Out of Context"
    An ABC sitcom about four college students at a technical university who manage to redefine what a fun college experience could be
  2. "Joy and the Messenger"
    A short film about two people that meet each other after years and find out that they're not living the lives they thought the other was
  3. "Crossed Ties"
    Another ABC sitcom (I'm sorry, they're literally the most diverse network out there. They're my only hope!) about a young brother and sister pair navigating growing up struggling between their Indian and American identities
  4. "Closed Away"
    A novel about a woman who dies of lupus one month after giving birth to her baby and how it affects her husband and children (Inspired by my mom's coworker)
  5. "The Asian Hugh Grant and Rachel McAdams Romcom"
    Why don't you exist? My rant to The New Yorker
  6. "Shut Down"
    A poem about the images that shatter when someone commits suicide
  7. "Guidelines to Me"
    The book I will release once I am famous and people actually care enough to know about all the intricacies of who I am (I have already started this one)