1. "Now I don't mean this in a racist way"
  2. "Blah sorry I'm being so random"
  3. "Taco Bell is disgusting"
  4. "There's nothing better than getting an early start to the day"
  5. "I feel really gross if I don't go for a run"
  6. "I'm starving. Want to get tapas?"
  7. "I'm such a morning person"
  8. "I'm VERY Type A"
  9. "I had the craziest dream last night"
  10. *Cartman impression*
  11. Any mention of disrupt, paradigm, deep dive, value-add, thought leader, synergy, growth hacking
  12. "Can I steal you?"
  13. "I'm such a ______ nerd"
  14. "She's funny for a girl"
  15. "It's like East meets West almost"
  16. "Is there gluten in this?"
  17. Any text followed by 'haha'
  18. I NEED to go to Croatia.
    Suggested by @clegg
  19. "Is there anything better than a fresh salad?"
    Suggested by @clegg
  20. "When I'm with him/her my heart is at peace"
  21. "I'm so small"
  22. "Humans are meant to run barefoot"
  23. "I feel SO hyper today, I ate a lot of sugar."
    Suggested by @maeve4189
  24. "So I'm at Burning Man"
  25. "Fall is my favorite season. I know, it's weird. Maybe it's just me."
    Suggested by @sky
  26. I can't stop eating this vegan ______! You'll never miss the meat!
    Maybe you can't stop eating it because you are so very hungry.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  27. "But Crossfit exists more as a community and commitment device than anything"