My five best friends from high school (and life) and I are reuniting in Charleston in three weeks. We do this about once a year in an awesome new place and end up in heaps (not the sexy kind) only talking to each other. These are the topics I hope to cover. Please add topics! // @annieolszewski @Mary @abbyl @emmasmith @maeve4189
  1. Vocal fry
    Do I have it? Do you have it? Do we hate it? Do I have it?
  2. Everyone's current relationship status
    Real talk including lots of group think, assurance, and happy crying. Maybe some sad crying too.
  3. Tier two and tier three friends' relationship status
    We're in the market for a wedding we can all attend with zero responsibility. DM me if interested! We're horrifying in public.
  4. Celebrity gossip
    Not my forté but this is a given. @annieolszewski has some insider NYC connex that make for interesting gossip and @Mary will have something about Jim Carey or someone equally thrilling.
  5. New pet peeves we've picked up
    Expecting @abbyl to really pull through on this one
  6. Crop tops?
    None of us can pull them off. At least 5 of the 6 will have packed one or more. If @maeve4189 brings one, we will throw it away (tradition!)
  7. Who do we know that is now famous
    And how did they wrong us in high school/college
  8. Hall passes
    Important to keep best friends in the loop on your hall pass, mostly to ensure no one has the same one. Broz b4 hoes except if it's Bill Hader then it's everyone woman for themselves. Worth mentioning that @emmasmith will have someone you haven't thought about for at least 7 years.
  9. Changes to beauty regimens
    @Mary tells me she's post-showering and @annieolszewski is buying essential oils in bulk off the internet. This one will be riveting.
  10. Food
    We have a google spreadsheet for restaurants we want to hit up in Charleston. The only time we will be silent is when we're shoveling fried chicken down our gullets. Will still be in heap though. Likely will be v gross to watch.
  11. Picking a song to listen to on repeat
    This is when things get hostile. Already some mutterings about what will make weekend anthem and no one is happy about it. (It's Fight Song.)
  12. Poop
    While we don't necessarily spend the majority of time talking about pooping, we certainly talk about it more than any other singular subject. Who is regular? Who is not? Last BM? @emmasmith's time to shine.
  13. What we're reading, listening to, super into right now
    I think one of the coolest parts about still being bff with people from younger years is that we all had very similar brains when we were 17 and now we're pretty different people. But we still love each other and spend time understanding how everyone thinks/feels. I read things I wouldn't normally read because @emmasmith tells me about a book I need to read to get over some twenty-something anxiety. @annieolszewski kills the spotify playlist game, @abbyl food, @maeve4189 podcasts, @Mary movies
  14. what to drink during the weekend - aka a game we like to call dream liquor/nightmare liquor
    This involves us standing in a huddle in a liquor store for about 45 minutes going in circles trying to pick one thing we will then make cocktails from. Since everyone's dream is inevitable someone else's nightmare, we'll eventually get two things, split in to teams and talk mad shit about the other side. Then we will drink too much of said choices and pregame way too long meaning we leave for the bar 10 minutes before last call. I'm already annoyed at how late we are going to be.
    Suggested by @Mary
  15. Other peoples' weddings
    None of us are married though we're privy to quite a few weddings. Fully expecting to hate on bridal showers and thoroughly dish on recent weddings attended. Wedding hashtags are garbage. Discuss.
  16. Amy Schumer
    Thinking we'll all be very pro-Amy but not 100% confident on that. And so it must be discussed.
  17. Sex stuff
  18. Lifestyle bloggers
    We want to be supportive and non-judgey of people who choose to use their time blogging. However, as we are baseline generally judgemental people this task is difficult. What is the worst, lifestyle blogs, food blogs, makeup blogs? Can we get down with the RIGHT blog. Remind me to talk about a cupcakes and cashmere post about "spending a night as your guest" to understand what they go through
    Suggested by @maeve4189
  19. Living with a significant other
    What drives you nuts about it? What is fun about it? How does it make you feel about marriage?
    Suggested by @maeve4189
  20. What really obscure people from middle school are up to now
    This one is kind of self explanatory
    Suggested by @maeve4189
  21. The kardashians
    This kind of falls in the celebrity gossip/pop culture category but it could be so time confusing it deserves a category of its own. Who do we think is the prettiest? Do we love I am Cait? And most importantly why do I follow 2 celebrities on snapchat one of which is Kylie Jenner...?
    Suggested by @maeve4189
  22. Shark Tank ideas
  23. Our significant others families
    Suggested by @maeve4189
  24. Foxy Knoxy
    Lot of opinions on this