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Istanbul is one of the most magical places on earth, and I suggest everyone travel to Turkey at least once in their life. Even with the whole "we might smuggle you across the Syrian border" thing.
  1. This was my seat in the car provided by our driver to get to our hotel. While driving 90 mph on the curb of the road bypassing traffic, the only spoken word of English he knew was asked to me in a question -- "Fear?"
  2. I got a very strange rash on my hands after these dogs gang banged me. Cue the EpiPen 20 minutes after this photo was taken.
  3. This piece of street corn looked amazing, tasted like cardboard, and made me believe I was dropping a bomb the size of Hiroshima into our marble toilet.
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And many more but I'm busy. Sue me.
  1. There is such a thing as too much fun
  2. Your parents will cry and tell you they've never been so disappointed when they find out about your 2.2 GPA while they're paying $65,000 a year
  3. Pulling the trigger still counts as throwing up for real
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  1. Trident for my real friends, Orbit for my fake friends
  2. Poutine for my real friends, French Fries for my fake friends
  3. Netflix for my real friends, Hulu for my fake friends
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  1. Zenon
  2. Wednesday Addams
  3. Amanda Bynes shoplifting
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If I got a dollar for every time I said "don't tell mom" in 2010, I could have a hospital wing named after me. I'm sorry, mom...........
  1. That I listened to all of your phone conversations in 2001 with the Spy-Kids McDonalds toy that weirdly intercepted the phone lines
  2. For the time I got jealous that my sister was getting too much attention, so I used your lipstick to make it seem like I had bumped my head and had a serious injury
  3. That I dared a kid to drink his own pee and paid him with the $20 you gave me to give to the school nurse as a Christmas present
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  1. Uber charges
  2. Weekly alcohol donations
  3. A party for day-after Thanksgiving turkey survivors
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After slyly trying to make these nick names stick over the years, I still go by Catherine. But a girl can dream.
  1. Weezy F Baby
  2. The Real Dick Tracy
  3. Puff Mami
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  1. NYU Tisch School of the Arts, B.A in Performance Studies
    What you really mean: $65,000 Improv Classes
  2. Trinity College Dublin, Study abroad coursework in Economics & Business
    What you really mean: Developed the ability not to commit suicide on a 3 hour walking tour hung over; Inspiration for the @BuzzFeed article "500 Reasons Why Studying Abroad Makes You An Intolerable Asshole"
  3. NYU Learning Center, Calculus Tutor
    What you really mean: Low Key Drug Dealer who provided leftover Adderall prescriptions to the less fortunate who couldn't convince their doctors to prescribe then for their non-existent ADD
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  1. Why are dogs born knowing how to swim?
  2. Will humans ever be able to turn their heads like an owl can?
  3. Will the words "chicken" and "hen" be eliminated from the dictionary for gender equality?
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