1. Why are dogs born knowing how to swim?
  2. Will humans ever be able to turn their heads like an owl can?
  3. Will the words "chicken" and "hen" be eliminated from the dictionary for gender equality?
  4. Is taxidermy for humans possibly a future trend?
  5. Will Taylor Swift ever add an American Girl Doll to her squad?
  6. Will I ever hear a doctor refer to my vagina as "cooter"?
  7. Did I learn anything from 7 seasons of Mad Men besides the fact that smoking is actually so fun?
  8. Will my nudes from high school ever be used against me in a blackmail scheme?
  9. Will people ever stop taking photos for the sole purpose of "doing it for the Instagram"?
  10. Is coconut water still trendy? Because I'm still forcing myself to drink it.
  11. Is it kosher to use Grindr to find myself a gay best friend?
  12. Would you rather be taken by ISIS or have to be on the phone with Verizon Wireless customer service everyday for 10 years?