Pics of My Drug Dealer

Since 2004, this orphan has smuggled narcotics far and wide for profit. she sells me weed and stuff for my cramps and I wouldn't call her a friend because of her terrible attitude but she'd take a bullet for me in 1 second so I let her borrow my car and we hang out when my other friends are at work
  1. Had to kick off this list with what is probably my favorite pic of this waste of space- she has Crohn's disease and was having a terrible episode.... a serious medical emergency at the time but I laugh about it now
  2. I took this one when we went to 6 flags a few days ago. She saw the superman ride after blindly promising me she'd go on it-- Classic scheme of mine
  3. She's a piece of shit, but she knows it. What can she say! She likes to have fun.
  4. Her critically-acclaimed impression of our mutual friend Alan. He died a few years back and I never knew him personally but she insists our souls are connected
  5. She always complains about her resting face because her eyes water really hard and her grey eyebrows are super heavy....
  6. The happiest I've ever seen her. She finally got approved for a loan!