Ignorance IS bliss
  1. What hip hop artist B.o.b. looks like
    And where in the world he is hiding
  2. How many airplanes there are in the world
    Ummm a couple hundred? 1 thousand? Certainly not more than that right.?? Probably way less though?
  3. Why people think blonde guys are hot
  4. What the last seven seconds of a given 10-second snapchat video contain
    :( it's gonna be the same as the first three I assume and wowee I do not really care probably
  5. Why people keep adding me on linkedin
    :((( not a humblebrag. I only have an account to please my dad who fully trusts every yahoo homepage article he reads with career advice
  6. Why people use read receipts on texts
    Huh????????? ???????