Teenager, Virgin: Pics of Me, 2007-2012

Hard to believe there was ever a time when I hadn't yet been banged out big time!
  1. I was only 13 here and very bony--meaning thin (not a reference to boning, which means sex.) Also, I am on a trapeze at circus camp. The holy trinity for no sex at all whatsoever even on the radar. Or kissing. Nothing :)
  2. I like this picture because it SCREAMS ninth grade. this little piggy died without ever getting laid. Sad :/
  3. A point & shoot digital camera selfie of me with @camilleshoosh in Paris, summer of 2011. both of us were virgins, bien sûr!
  4. After I got my wisdom teeth out. I was only born with three of them! THAT sounds like something only a virgin would brag about
  5. Me standing in the classic Intimidated Virgin's pose (the unsexed-contrapposto) at the Hagia Sophia. Everyone in southeastern Europe can tell if you're a virgin or not just by looking at you
  6. In Costa Rica with my family, just a week into starting birth control. I had diarrhea every single day for two weeks. I also had an arrested development fan art phone case and small snake around my neck and my dad took pictures of my sisters and me anytime we took selfies
  7. But! Truly! Nothing means anything and I'm a person and pictures are funny and sex is not revelatory it is just normal goodbye✨✨✨