Things My Boyfriend Tells Me I Look Like

My nice boyfriend is a dirty rat monster @db :)
  1. Miss Delaware
  2. If Voldemort and a nice lady had a daughter
  3. Sort of like Natalie Portman
    In agreement with a homeless man on Pico boulevard
  4. A doughball with a chin
  5. Lois Dreater's Saltzburg Lady
  6. A primo ballerino
  7. A computer hacker
    When I'm wearing a dark sweatshirt
  8. Czech immigrants' daughter who also is not Czech-looking
  9. A mad scientist
  10. Wednesday Addams's cousin
    Suggested by   @db
  11. The Bride of Frankenstein
    Suggested by   @db
  12. Any charcoal drawing of a white woman with big eyes
    Suggested by   @db
  13. A younger, hotter Edna Mode
    Suggested by   @db
  14. Figwit in The Hobbit
    Suggested by   @db
  15. Jennifer Connelly in the 90s
    Suggested by   @db
  16. Me???????
    You be the judge. Sound off in the comment section or email me new ideas at
    Suggested by   @db