@db has only seen the first four minutes of the first episode of season one and a clip of the Red Wedding
  1. "Khaleesi"
    He later suggested this could be a place, though
  2. "It stars Bobby Thrones"
  3. "Jon Snow"
    "Of the Snow Family. Is he dead? He might be? We don't know. They saw filming him on set recently but it could be his twin brother and he might not be dead because of a blood thing"
  4. "The girl has a dragon"
    Three dragons
  5. "And in the recent season, one of them stands up for her"
  6. "There's a throne made of bones"
  7. "Oh, yes! The dwarf! From 'Elf'. He is in it"
  8. Agrees the following sound familiar:
    Lannister, Targaryen, Stark
  9. Things that didn't sound familiar:
    Westeros, Tyrell, Tyrion, white walker
  10. "George RR Martin"
  11. "The Red Wedding"
  12. "At the red wedding there's a pregnant lady- she dies. All of them die there except that one guy. Jon Snow. He escapes."
    Jon Snow wasn't there. No one survives.
  13. "People get their heads chopped off, there is lots of blood. And also, sex. And knockers"
  14. "It's on HBO."