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  1. Watching favorite movies with my sister
    Okay, watching Bridget Jones's Diary with my sister @pringlepants
  2. Reading books to my two year old niece
    Recent discovery and this includes early in the morning when she's especially snuggly or before nap time.
  3. Eating my mom's popcorn
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  1. Lord of the Rings
    I asked for the books for x-mas and started the first in the series AND the hobbit two separate times but could not invest. (Movies were a huge snoozefest IMO.)
  2. Keeping Up With The Kardashians
    I've seen it and really don't understand how it's entertaining because they show what's going to happen after the commercial in a preview BEFORE the commercial break. Also the music, blech!
  3. Harry Potter Series
    I really enjoyed the first book but felt I could end it there.
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This is NOT a list of hobbies but rather things I find both incredibly entertaining and incredibly wasteful of the hours I should invest on other projects. The list has remained pretty consistent these past few years. I have an incredible talent for time-blindness💁🏻
  1. Watching anything on the Morezoella YouTube station.
    I don't even know how this got started and I can't explain it but zoella is a calming personality and I enjoy following her life—probably because I like it from a distance (cute BF! cute dog! so many make-up tips!) but don't want it AT ALL.
  2. Start watching Barbara Streisand singing performances than rabbit-holing from there.
    Usually includes all Broadway related reviews, cast performances and interviews available on YouTube.
  3. Netflix obvs but specifically Pride and Prejudice (Joe Wright version) for the 2hundredth time.
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Because I'm fun, sort of young, and enjoy a good crush list. Now your turn.
  1. Lenny Kravitz
    This includes circa 1990s Lenny and present day Lenny. It's gotta be all the nose piercings.
  2. Keira Knightley
    I wanna carry that perfect pout in my pocket.
  3. Idris Elba
    Stringer lives on in my dreams.
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At my leisure but I have a lot of catching up to do post grad school and as an unemployed person
  1. Between the World and Me
    Ta-Nehisi Coates writes brilliant think-pieces and speaks about race in a way I think everyone can understand and everyone needs to hear. I haven't gotten around to this book yet but it's a real priority in my life.
  2. My Name is Lucy Barton
    After reading Olive Kitteridge and obsessing over it I trust anything Elizabeth Strout puts out. I also need to read the Burgess Boys, which I've checked out from the library 3 times and never touched.
  3. Infinite Jest
    David Foster Wallace—Obvi I won't read it ALL this summer but it's been sitting on my (nonexistent) night stand and taunting me. My best self plans to read it and forever see the world differently afterward. I've been a solid 20 pages in since September 2015.
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