Celebrity crushes

Because I'm fun, sort of young, and enjoy a good crush list. Now your turn.
  1. Lenny Kravitz
    This includes circa 1990s Lenny and present day Lenny. It's gotta be all the nose piercings.
  2. Keira Knightley
    I wanna carry that perfect pout in my pocket.
  3. Idris Elba
    Stringer lives on in my dreams.
  4. Michael Fassbender
    Because I'm human and that accent.
  5. James McAvoy when he smiles that one time in Atonement. He is dying in the rest of it.
  6. Keri Russel as Felicity.
    I look nothing like her but so desperately wanted to most of my life.
  7. Chris Martin
    Another European! Here's hoping wearing bright colors and loving life SO MUCH rubs off on me.
  8. Leonardo DiCaprio
    I'm confused by the number of sandy blondes that made this list but Leo is a forever crush due to my age and admiration of his environmental activism.