My go-to time sucks

This is NOT a list of hobbies but rather things I find both incredibly entertaining and incredibly wasteful of the hours I should invest on other projects. The list has remained pretty consistent these past few years. I have an incredible talent for time-blindness💁🏻
  1. Watching anything on the Morezoella YouTube station.
    I don't even know how this got started and I can't explain it but zoella is a calming personality and I enjoy following her life—probably because I like it from a distance (cute BF! cute dog! so many make-up tips!) but don't want it AT ALL.
  2. Start watching Barbara Streisand singing performances than rabbit-holing from there.
    Usually includes all Broadway related reviews, cast performances and interviews available on YouTube.
  3. Netflix obvs but specifically Pride and Prejudice (Joe Wright version) for the 2hundredth time.
  4. Googling skin remedies for my myriad self/Dr-diagnosed skin maladies
    I don't trust any of them but I like to do the research.
  5. Admiring my bookshelf
    But not reading any books. Especially purchased unread or soon-to-be-due books.
  6. Checking Twitter feeds of celebrities I enjoy
    I don't have my own Twitter account.
  7. Making routes on
    This can sometimes delay running by 2-3 hours.
  8. Tweezing
    THO this could also be deemed productive.
  9. More recently, this app
    I used to obsessively search top 25 or top 10 lists on rollingstone or avclub but now it's streamlined! Maybe this will free up more hours?! (Nope.)