1. Don't calorie bank!
    Eat a protein rich breakfast in the morning and have a nutrient dense snack before your big meal. My family has thanksgiving meal around 2 so I plan on having scrambled eggs with greens for breakfast and some crudités with bean dip for a snack before the big event. Saving up your calories causes overeating and regrets.
  2. Drink the basics
    Most people need some alcohol to get through the holiday. Stick to the basics. Wine or clear spirits with club soda. Drink a glass of water between each drink and skip the ciders and fancy cocktails.
  3. Get in those veggies
    Balance your plate with half the plate real estate reserved for vegetables, a quarter for your starch, and a quarter for lean protein!
  4. Get moving
    Working out the day of the epic meal is essential. Go on a brisk walk with your family, hit an early spin class, or join a turkey trot.
  5. Focus on being grateful for your company
    Divert the attention away from the food and focus on your dining companions. Savor your food and pace yourself. It's one delicious day. Don't let it turn into a bender under January 1!