a fun game where you guess if i'm high (((on life!!!!! don't smoke that satan plant kids!!!!))) or just bein me!!! the answers are all on the last bullet so don't be a cheater and peek!! because thats lying!! and liars go to hell!!
  1. Static
    this one is a gimme i mean it's so obvious
  2. Static
    oh man who knows
  3. Static
    me being absolutely amazed by my sister showing me this new technology
  4. Static
    wowza lookin fresh
  5. Static
  6. Static
    this is a lovely candid
  7. Static
    tears of sadness? or of irritation?
  8. Static
    getting an education
  9. Static
    me after eating pizza
  10. Static
    who knows
  11. Static
    walking home and i didn't know where i was it was scary but i had a good time
  12. Static
  13. Static
  14. Static
    the hat is back
    me with my mom, directly after getting confirmed in the catholic church attending a dinner with my family
  16. hiiiigh, sad, high, sad, high, high, high, sad, high, sad, high, high, sad, sad, high
    how did you do!!!! it doesn't matter!!!! life is pointless!! we will all be dead one day!!!! haha!!!!