the top 5 best places to put your ripped out hair after you rip it out of your fukcing head
  1. up your ass!!!!!!
    just rip it the fuck out and shove it directly up your own ass!!!!!!!! so far up it just comes back out of your fucking head!!!!!!!! it comes full circle!!!!!!
  2. eat it!!!!!
    shove that delicious fistful of dead skin strands into your chomper!!!!!! chomp right on down!!!!!!!!!
  3. over the body of your enemy's corpse!!!!!
    that fucker that is currently ruining your life????? yeah fuckin murder them!!!!!!!! just kill them!!!!!!!!!! and take that hair and just sprinkle it over their dead fucking body!!!!!!!!!
  4. space!!!!!!!!
    get in a rocket ship and zoom into the atmosphere!!!!!!!!!!! and d r o p that hair!!!! into the void!!!!!! also,,,,, might as well scream while you're there!!!!!!!!!!
    take every hair!!!!! and just!! put them into your eye sockets!!!!!!!!!!!!! one at a time!!!! or all at once!!! get creative!!!!!