1. luke hemmings
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    in 5sos so is automatically TRASH but like he seems like the least terrible one so like okay
  2. @transgender aka the brother of @lesbian
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    he is the cutest thing and i've known him since i was 5 and so he was like???? 4??? 3??? idfk????? but it's been forever and he is very small and always been tolerable and usually cooler than grace so
  3. my brother
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    he is the WORST and is very loud and annoying but i love him a lot and he is 7 and so cute and loves me and sometimes thinks we're getting married but he's just comfused it'll be okay
  4. luke skywalker
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    don't know much about him so i can't say much but he kissed his sister which is fucked up and he looks like eric from that 70s show
  5. luke hemsworth
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    how did this pasty disgusting creature come out of the same vagina as his beautiful god like brothers